No drama, Please!

I have received a couple emails from folks saying they can’t find any help for the Arduino….. I understand your frustration.
With less than 13,000,000 million sites, there’s really not much help out there.

It’s sad. Not even 1,000,000 YouTube videos!


The idea and goal behind this site is to give a boost to the paranormal community, and challenge people to learn something new. It takes some effort, but the technology is inexpensive, powerful and very low cost.

Please if you’re having trouble, drop me an email.  Please don’t write to tell me you can’t find information.


  • Saul on Jun 09, 2014 Reply

    I’m just waiting for someone to post on YouTube step for step how to do this completely. I’m very visual. Once I see how it’s done then I will understand fully.

  • RANDY on Jun 09, 2014 Reply

    I agree with Bill……….plenty of information on the web.
    If anybody needs any help, I am willing to guide you to the
    right sites. Send me a e-mail.

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