Open Source Paranormal


2562831_origOpening up the Ghost Box

Over the next year, we will post several “Ghost Box Radios” and paranormal gear using Open Source Arduino processors and off-the-shelf radio modules. Software as well as Source Code will be posted for anyone that wants to use it as well. We will be using VB6 and Microsoft Studio 2010 Express!

In this age of modular electronics, these projects can be built cheaply with little or no technical skill required.

The Goal is to make “Box” technology easy and fun for investigators and skeptics alike. These “Boxes” will allow the builder control over functions without restriction.

Each month we will add new items or explore new programming features. The best part is you’ll be able to use the basic parts over and over again!


Do you have a favorite project? Send it to us and we’ll post it here to share with the entire paranormal community!


Coming soon:

Introducing the “Friend”

The “Friend” is a series of photo gear based on the Arduino.

We will build a Paranormal Camera System for 360 degree images!

  • EMF interface
  • Motion Interface