Gearing up to slow down!

I like to work. I love my job, but in my late fifties, working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day, is getting old.  So I’m changing gears a bit and getting some more help.  My goal is to achieve a 30 to 40 hour week by the end of 2014.

The plan is to spend more time on R&D and much less on the production. I hope to catch up on projects and bring new ones on line.


No drama, Please!

I have received a couple emails from folks saying they can’t find any help for the Arduino….. I understand your frustration.
With less than 13,000,000 million sites, there’s really not much help out there.

It’s sad. Not even 1,000,000 YouTube videos!


The idea and goal behind this site is to give a boost to the paranormal community, and challenge people to learn something new. It takes some effort, but the technology is inexpensive, powerful and very low cost.

Please if you’re having trouble, drop me an email.  Please don’t write to tell me you can’t find information.

How far will we go?

With the advent of simple to use inexpensive processors, it’s a great time to experiment with microprocessor controlled projects. Low cost, easy and a VERY LARGE community for programming and hardware support.

How far will we go?  It’s my intention to do 5-7 full “Box” projects with stand-a-lone operation or PC support.
The first projects for GBH “Ghost Box Hacks”

Project #1.
4 Wire hook-up, ultra simple scanning, FM Ghost box.
This will be a VERY easy project, with many features:

  •     Scan up / scan down
  •     Scan to station
  •     Random Scan
  •     Mute between stations
  •     Volume up and down

Welcome to Ghost Box Hacks.

I hope you enjoy these projects, I’ll do my best to keep them simple and low cost.
Please be patient while we finish the site and post the first project. I’ll do my best to answer
emails in a timely fashion and create an FAQ with common questions.

Best Regards,